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Auslan/English Video Remote Interpreting

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How It Works

Auslan Version

  • You request a booking on the website - Bookings are generally no longer than 40 minutes.
  • I will SMS and email your booking confirmation.
  • The booking confirmation will request you to video call me to meet you and discuss any further requirements.
  • If required I will contact the third party to advise that the appointment will be video interpreted.
  • On the day, 10 minutes prior to the appointment you will video call me (from the venue) to ensure there is a working connection. If you are running late or unable to make the test call you will SMS me.
  • To setup for the appointment please ensure you have; recently restarted your device,  sufficient reception, battery/access to power, the volume is at mid range and there is adequate lighting.
  • Once at the appointment you video call me when ready to go. 
  • Prices start at $60 - please contact for detailed pricing list.