Luke Callaghan Interpreting

Auslan/English Services

Tips for ensuring a successful connection 

Much of the information below will be sent to you prior to your appointment.

Please follow the steps below to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Making the test call on the day:

Please arrive at least ten minutes prior to the appointment to make the test call.

Please ensure:

  • all applications on your device are current versions
  • you restart your device just prior to making the test call
  • that you are signed in to the app and it is open
  • you have a minimum connection speed of 1.5mb/s
  • if you are using 4G you have enough data on your plan
  • you check the signal strength (anything lower than two bars will likely cause problems)
  • that the sound is audible and set at just above mid level
  • that during the call, no other applications/file transfers are running
  • your device memory is not close to full and you have sufficient RAM available
  • that if you have access to a portable 4G modem or spare device, to take it with you and that the spare device uses the same Login ID you have provided me.

Other Info: 

  • Public WiFi Hotspots (e.g. telstraAir) can not be used as they are not reliable, encrypted or secure
  • To ensure privacy and confidentiality, calls must not be recorded or screen grabbed in any way
  • It is preferable to use your own data or WiFi if you know it to be reliable
  • Prior to making the test call ask a contact person at the venue if they have WiFi/Internet access and for the password just in case you need it
  • If you do not regularly shut down your device it is advised to do so a day or two before the appointment as well as on the day.

Connection Problems

For the Test Call:

It is important to stick to this procedure to avoid confusion about who calls who etc.

  • If you are unable to make the test call, you will initiate the first three call attempts from your preferred app. Please retry immediately following the last try
  • If no connection can be made, please ensure you have your device is available to accept calls and that I have been added to your contacts      
  • SMS me that you are unable to make the call    
  • I will call you on your preferred app
  • If unsuccessful I will then call you on your backup app
  • If all of the above is unsuccessful I will SMS you what to do next
  • Our last option may be to see if you can use another device/network

Connection Issues during the appointment:

  • If the call drops out during the appointment you  will call me back immediately.
  • If the picture or sound freezes for more than 10 or so seconds, hangup and call me back 
  • If I have not heard from you after a minute or so I will call you
  • If unsuccessful I will SMS what to do next.

In the unlikely event that all these options fail, you may be charged an admin fee of $50 dependent on the circumstances. 

Auslan Version

Available prior to your appointment (if required).